At MSYC, the child is the curriculum

At MSYC, nurturing teachers will provide your child with developmentally appropriate, playful activities in an engaging learning environment. The focus curriculum, we feel, must be squarely on the child. Our view of curriculum is comprehensive- encompassing all aspects of learning and growing. Teachers plan engaging activities, mindful of the children's interests and responsive to the children's individual developmental levels.

We embrace the open-ended, process oriented nature of curriculum. When activities or experiences are presented to young children, we never know what they are going to do with the experiences! This divergence is desirable and teachers are prepared to consider an alternative direction to their original plan. 

Teachers use the Connecticut Early Learning and Developmental Standards (CT ELDS), a NAEYC approved curriculum, as the backdrop for the learning. CT ELDS address the following domains at the appropriate developmental levels: Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Health, Cognition, Creative Arts, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Assessment tools aligned to the CT ELDS are used to determine how children are progressing across these domains of development.

Across all ages and domains, early learning experience will support children to: be creative, be inquisitive, be flexible, be critical thinkers, be purposeful and reflective and to be social learners.

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